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“Staggeringly good” Lithium Exploration Results from Cornwall, “New mining in Poldark country offers route to a green future

15th September 2019

A crucial contributor to meeting the UK 2050 zero emissions target is the development of a new generation of cars and vans that don’t use petrol or diesel.

The global change to electric vehicles is not only driving the development and efficiency of lithium batteries but also the need for the metal itself. Because of this, Goldman Sachs called it “the new gasoline” and suggests demand could triple by 2025.

This week MetAmpere, the first company to drill lithium exploration holes in the UK, described their test results from Cornwall as “staggeringly good”.

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‘Staggeringly good’ lithium exploration results​

10th September 2019

MetAmpere, the first company to drill lithium exploration holes in the UK, is carrying out further excavation work in Cornwall as part of a project to build a quarry and processing plant capable of producing 20,000 tonnes of the highly sought-after metal each year – sufficient to power 350,000 electric vehicles.

Having successfully completed six exploration drill holes, MetAmpere’s team of geologists are digging kilometres of trenches to establish continuity of the discovered ore body.

Laboratory analysis of that drilling revealed over 200 metres of continuous lithium mineralisation from surface. The trenching and further drilling will allow an independent expert to declare a Maiden JORC Resource Statement next year.

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BBC Spotlight Evening News

10th September 2019
BBC’s correspondent interviews MetAmpere’s Chairman Roderick Smith and uncovers the significant lithium discovery made in Cornwall.


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