About MétAmpère

Windimurra Vanadium Plant designed and built by Métampère's Principals.
Large diameter drilling for metallurgical samples operated by Métampère's Principals

Everything mankind uses in everyday life is either mined or grown, or made from materials that are mined or grown. Even grown things are nourished with mined minerals. The market for minerals is essentially infinite, as is their occurrence within the earth’s crust.

MétAmpère’s founders have a proven record bringing together the broad range of interdisciplinary skills and technology required to discover, build and operate mines to exploit those rare concentrations of minerals that are economic, ethically sourced and to provide a sustainable return to shareholders, local communities and governments.

Drawing together a team of industry professionals with world-class experience taking projects from discovery through to production, MétAmpère is well placed to deliver value on social, operational and corporate fronts in a challenging industry.

With a long-term investment horizon, MétAmpère invests in real/tangible metals and mining assets, where it can create fundamental value and provide stakeholders with attractive returns. MétAmpère’s team is experienced in all phases of assessing and managing grassroots exploration through to successful mine development.

MétAmpère is committed to meeting the highest international environmental, social and governance standards and complies with World Bank Performance Standards including those on Environmental and Social Sustainability and for Exploration and Development. 

This is integral part of the Company’s approach to investment in a rapidly changing investment environment, where appropriate relationships with governments communities and other local stakeholders is key in ensuring success at all levels.

MétAmpère is focused on attractive development opportunities that exist in selected geographical locations, with proven geology, supportive governments and a robust legal framework.

Targeting high quality exploration opportunities as well as assets at brownfields stage, the MétAmpère team and advisors support local management teams and land owners to realise value from their assets. MétAmpère will also leverage its extensive investor network to attract high quality co-investment and financing opportunities where required.

We are proud to have drilled the first lithium exploration holes in UK’s history in April/May 2019.